Small Business Mediation

Thorough preparation is essential for success in small business mediation. It requires a hard and realistic appraisal of both your case and the other party’s case. It requires a solid and focused presentation supplied by a well-prepared team. It also requires active listening, creative problem-solving, and a willingness to make hard business decisions in order to achieve a successful resolution.

The outcome of mediation is totally under the control of the parties, unlike the outcome of arbitration or litigation. Properly done, mediation is a very effective dispute resolution method, but improperly done, mediation can be a very frustrating experience, resulting in a potentially destructive judicial decision.


Don’t worry. Preparing for small business mediation is not as difficult as it may seem. Get prepared for your upcoming small business mediation.

Best way to stay out of court is to effectively prepare for mediation. Get Prepared for your best outcome today.

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