Landlord-Tenant Mediation

Landlord-tenant disputes are more common that many people know and can be successfully resolved through the mediation process.

Have you tried talking with your landlord and can’t come to an agreement? Is your tenant unwilling to listen or follow the stipulations of the rental agreement?

Utilizing a mediator to help facilitate negotiations will frequently provide effective results. Mediation really does work! It can be hard to imagine when you can’t seem to make any headway with the other party, let mediation work for you.

Mediation works because:

  • It is a collaborative process and, by agreeing to mediate a dispute, you and your landlord have already made the decision to try to solve your own problem
  • The mediator does not judge or evaluate the facts of the case nor do they impose any decisions on the parties, this allows both the landlord and tenant to be less fearful of receiving an unfavorable decision
  • The parties ultimately make the decision in mediation, thus legal requirements and statutory laws, including damages that can be paid, are of little regard. If the parties come to a mutually acceptable solution, it really doesn’t matter what the solution entails  

Get prepared for your upcoming landlord-tenant mediation.

Best way to stay out of court is to effectively prepare for mediation. Get Prepared for your best outcome today.

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